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St. Paul's United Methodist Church is located in the Museum District of Houston, Texas.  Xochy moved to Houston after graduating from college and began attending this church in 2000. Xochy always knew in her heart that if she were to get married, St. Paul's would be the church she would love to be married in. Xochy left Houston to pursue her graduate degree but as soon as she moved back to Houston, and into a new home with Todd, both of them began to attend.  The church is rich with history and architecture and has been deemed a historical site in Houston.  Click on the picture to learn more about the church and its services.

Wedding Location:  St. Paul's United Methodist Church
           5501 Main Street
                 Houston, TX   77004

Wedding Ceremony:  February 27, 2010
       6:00 p.m.

Babysitting will be provided for all children in the youth building across from the sanctuary during the ceremony.
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